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Remembering Dr. Tim LaHaye

Welcome to our bookstore where you can find recently published books and sale items. The Pre-Trib Research Center will introduce you to our monthly digital newsletter for those interested in prophecyThe Tim LaHaye Prophecy Study Bible was prepared by Dr. Tim LaHaye and a team of leading biblical scholars. The Jesus Chronicles is a set of the four books of the gospels told as though by the gospel tellers themselves. Babylon Rising is an excellent fiction series that you won't want to put down. If you are interested in learning more about yourself, take the Online Temperament Test, which is based on my first book, Spirit Controlled Temperament. We think you will find it a real source of spiritual encouragement and Christian growth. Of course, we also have the Left Behind Series in paperback or hardcover. The latest books are called The End Series which contain exciting stories that weave fiction with Biblical Prophecy. Don't forget to subscribe below for information on end times and future offers from our site. Take your time, browse around but by all means get prepared for the coming of our Lord.

Until He returns,
Tim LaHaye Ministries


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